Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry December (12/3/08)

Its goin good out here in Tokyo. Its so nice being in the city for the Christmas Season i get to see christmas lights and christmas trees and sometimes music. They dont celebrate Christmas here in Japan, most of the members do but its not a big holiday in Japan, so pretty much just my area has Christmas stuff everywhere. In my area its is shopping central, just store after store, its pretty fun, you get to see some really strange fashion styles people actually wear. Well the work is doin good out here, were workin hard everyday. I got sick and took a 2 hr nap and im still a lil sick but still workin hard. Our District is really trying thier hardest its great. Everyones pumped up to work and see miracles. My companion isnt really though, its getting hard for me right now, cuz im still the Junior Companion but when i take step up and work as the Senior (which happens alot) i think he gets offended. So it sucks cuz you and your comps are never the same it seems, but the best part is you laern alot from them and about yourself. SO its goin great out here.The Americans in the foreigner ward are feeding us like crazy out here! next week we have 4 Dinners with a family in a row. Never has this happened to me yet. In other areas your lucky to get 1 a week, in my first area i got only 2 Dinners for the WHole Transfer! SO its exciting and i feel like the missionaries that use to come over to our house to eat and its always a great feeling to remember that youre a missionary and its only for 2 years. YA well today after shopping for food, were gonna got check out the Emperial Palace and a science museum (it sucks you cant enter the palace walls but you get to see it from the outside) so it should be way fun. Im having a blast in my new area. Though at times i really get sad, im in the middle of Babylon and to see so much sin around me and to know that they too have a heavenly father but they just dont know him. But the most sad part is Sooo many people reject the thought of not only God but particularly thier Savior Jesus Christ. And thats why our District is trying so hard and we truly are seeing miracles these past 3 weeks, but for some reason i feel like these last 3 weeks in this transfer will be very significant! Im excited!Well sorry to take up alot of time i hope everyone is doing well and please remember the true meaning of Christmas this Year, and think and pray to find someone to share the meaning of Christmas to. I know we will be doing that here in Japan. What a wonderful time of the year! My Favorite!- Elder Brunson Elder Hofstrand - Hey man havent heard from you in a while, hows Canada doing? Is it cold yet? haha I hope you got my letter a lil while ago. Elder Brunson - I havent heard from you in a while either, hows the work? Hey and what is tracting (sorry i forgot all the English missionary terms) i wasnt sure if it was housing or streeting or both and what did you use to do for finding before tracting? And how are you? Did you go AP yet?

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