Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas from Japan (12/23/08)

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!I hope the season is bright this year and the spirits are high! Well i gott=a go but i just wanted to let everyone know that there are miracles going=on here in Shibuya. Really, the past few days have really been effective=in working i has to be the Christmas Spirt! Oh i love this time of year =even if i am working! I dont have time to write about the miracles but i =promise i will some other time because im pretty sure this story will con=tinue! OHHH man i love being a missionary sometimes the work is really ha=rd and its raining and you want to be at home next to a warm fire with yo=ur family...BUT when you really see a true miracle when youre led by the =spirit in your heart there is sooo much more warmth than that fire at hom=e. And this is my favorite thing about Missionary WORK! I love you all an=d have alot of fun this Chirstmas and dont forget the true meaning of thi=s special holiday!Love You All,-Elder Brunson

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