Monday, February 23, 2009


Well everyone i hope you are all doin good! My comp and i are still seeing miracles, but t be honest were pretty lucky, lately my comp and i havent been gettin along too well. He keeps getting mad at people on the street and even yells at some and it really drives away the spirit. And when hes not yellin at people hes negative most of the time, so i have really been trying to keep our companionship from not exploding. You guys would all be proud of how patient i am becoming with people! haha remember how bad i use to be, im still not perfect but i have definately improved. But its cool even when the spirit isnt too strong between us i try to keep it strong with me. Because the spririt is the most important thing in missionary work, and we have been seeing so many miracles! Heres one: We woke up and it is Valentines Day, its been cold alll winter but today it was sooooo warm! We didnt need coats we even wore short sleeves! it was amazing. So that got us on a good note. We just finished a pretty well taught lesson and things are goin smoothly, we start to ride our bikes to go talk to people outside. Well we were heading to our Ward Mission Leaders House and we passed by this grassy hill in the middle of the city, and let me remind you its Valentines Day. So there are couples all over the city! I dont like proselyting to couples cuz one it awkward cutting into their date and 2 sometimes the girl will start flirting and then the dude doesnt like it, and lastly if one doesnt have interes they drag the other away. So anyway i see these people walking to this Hill and after passing it i felt that i need to go there and see whats going on! So my comp is in front of me i just flip a 180 and i followed the prompting so quick that i didnt even tell him he soon realized i wasnt following him and he followed me. I walked up to the Hill left my bike just chillin at the bottom didnt even bother to lock it. My companion all confused is trying to catch up. I then stand next to this guy who was there by himself. There from this hill was a beautiful view of the Japan Sunset lowering behind the Towers of Tokyo it was a beautiful view, there were many couples there. But i talked to this man who was alone. To keep this story short, i ended up teaching him all about the Plan of Salvation and sharing Alma 32:21 with him and i shared my hope about heaven. The thing is i started this conversation by myself and finished, my companion was talking to other people. But it was a miracle to not only be prompted to come to this park to talk to this man, but i was able to teach him for 1 hour on that hill in japanese. I was thankful for my language ability because my companion was not there and i was able to answer all questions and teach everything i wated to say! it was a miracle. After the lesson i set up a return appointment and there on that hill i prayed with him. This was not part of our plan for the day but i was able to be guided by the spirit to find those who are searching. The man became a new investigator that night. It truly was a miracle!This is why the spirit is the most thing to this work, you can be the most talented missionary and find people, but if you have maybe only a few talents but have the spirit you can find just as many, and probably even more. I testify that the Lord truly is guiding this work by the Spirit and allowing us to become instruments in his hands. I say all this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Hey Elder Randy Brunson - i sent you letter and gift the other day so be lookin for it! Love you bro.