Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hey People-

Sorry havent emailed in a while, we have to bike 1hr30min to get to our email place and then we have to go back. so last week we took a break. Well heres a miracle:We were workin one day and it was time to go home for dinner, we had 9 conversations and 1 contact. (The goal is to get 10 conversations and 2 Contacts each day) A converstaion is like a good missionary talk with a commitment out on the street or anywhere, a contact is a return appointment. Well it was time to go back home but i really wanted to finish the day off with Atleast 10 conversations so we set out to do it! We ended up biking 15 minutes away from our apartment and we stopped about 6 ppl who all ignored us or said now Christ is unrelated to them. So we kept trying. We stopped a man who listened ut didnt have interest so we got our 10 but not the 2. So we were dilligent to that point and i really was praying for a miracle that whole itme. Well as we were riding back after skipping dinner, there was a College Student walking so i decided what the heck why not just be one person more dilligent, and at first he was gonna walk away but then he looks at me better and was like "HEY ive met YOU!" and i had talked to him before ut it was really short so we didnt get to talk, so we all ended up talkin to him for 2o min or so gave him a B.O.M. and set up a time for a tour(we got our 2 contacts) but that wasnt the best part, just yesterday we did the tour and showed Finding Hapiness video and he wants to hear the lessons and now he is a new investigator! It was a miracle that 1) i had met him b4 cuz i f i hadnt he probably would have walked off 2) we decided to stop him 3) hes way cool and 19 too and it was just a crazy thing that happened and its great to see the Lord Place prepared people in our path! But we have to be diligent!! So ya im doin great i gotta go though i hope everyone is well and has a great Halloween!Love you all! And Elder Brunson (Randy) thanks for the emails...they crack me up i wish i could email u directly but obedience is the first law in Heaven! SORRYY, but ya...nevermind ill jsut write you a letter when i get one from you. Love Ya Bro. I love you too Elder Hofstrand! - Elder Brunson

Monday, September 15, 2008

みなさん こんにちわ! = (Minasan Konnichiwa) = (Hello Everyone)

This week has been great. We have seen miracles!We prayed one night specifically to find new potential investigators and then the next day we worked our butts off and we found 2! Placed a book of mormon and got one return appointment. Thats almost been better than weve gotten in total since i transfered 3 weeks ago! (You get rejected ALOT in Japan) but thats okay thats why they need the Gospel. But ya it was a miracle finding these two ppl we were definately led by the spirit! So today is P-Day right well we decided to do a lesson in the middle of P-Day and because of that we were blessed! We set a Baptismal DATE! (only with the Lords Help) She will be baptized on Sept. 27th. She has a way strong testimony and loves the new Joseph Smith Book we use in Church. And this Sunday we have a Baptism (a Filipino Lady). My companion will baptise her and im going to confirm her and give her the Gift of the Holy Ghost! What a blessing! I get to witness the first fruits of my labor this sunday! Im so excited. These two have really been prepared they were found or first contacted only 5-6 weeks ago. Ive been here for about 4. And one has stopped drinking her favorites tea and coffee and has even stopped smoking! The Lord has done it all, i am just glad to be an instrument in the Lords Hands! (Alma 29:9). So yes we have been busy and have been pumping the ward up for missionary work. So all those reading this I challenge you YES YOU, to talk to atleast one friend this week about the Gospel and attempt to gain a refferal for the missionaries. The members are the best way to finding people. So please do this challenge this week and i promise the Lord will bless you. Ask for guidance in prayer. Well on that note i want to thank everyone for their support whether its now or was in the past or will be in the future. And i promise you you can see miracles if you seek to! Brunson 長老 Elder Randy Brunson - Keep kickin your comps butt and one day he will understand an appreciate it. It may not be on his mission but one day he will. Your a great example to me and everyone you come to associate with. You have a great desire for this work, dont EVER lose that desire. You're a great missionary. Love You! Elder Hofstrand - Ya i cant email u directly but im allowed to throw this thing in this everyone email. Well youre a veteran now out in the feild. Well not yet but your getting there. Time flies by fast. So make the mission the best it can become. It has so much potential, through the Lord and our faith we can see miracles. When it gets hard, work harder. And something even more cheesy from Mighty Ducks, "When the air gets cool and the snow gets thick...DUCKS FLY TOGETHER!" I dunno i just wanted to say that and thats not even how it goes! Oh well. Keep it up! Love Ya!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

1st Transfer!

Hey i got transferred to Okegawa! 30 min. outside of Tokyo! I'm sure it will be a great area. I also got a new companion who has very good japanese too. Well not much to report on cuz everythings new and I've only been here for 3 hours...but ya the work is good and we're going to see alot of miracles here in Okegawa. Thank You everyone for your letters and Love! -Elder Brunson

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mina San Konnichiwa (Hello Everyone)‏

I have had a good week until yesterday...IT was GREAT!!!
> Yesterday was the best day of my mission yet! I went on companion exchanges again with the same Zone Leader (Elder Scardena). He is such a good missionary. He sees miracles because he has the spirit and follows it. Yesterday we taught one of our Phillipino ladies and she committed to be BAPTIZED! and her 11 yr old son too! But she wants to be baptized on her BDay which is not until October 21st. So thats the date now and we will see how she feels after sunday (were taking her to see a baptism!) So things are great here! Transfers coming up in 2 weeks so we have interviews tomorrow! Im excited.
> Im actually emailin in TOKYO the actual city right now!!! its so full of buildings, there is no ground anywhere! theres more trees on tops of buildings than on the ground! haha. There are some really tall buildings but not as many as i thought they would have, due to the earthquakes...But no worries aboutr the earthquakes i havent felt one yet. But September is Typhoon Season! Yaaa im excited! Japan is way hot right now but its all good, im gettin a tan!
> My japanes has improved sooo much. Its amazing what you can do with the gifts of the spirit. Today on the train ride up ive talked to 3-4 ppl all in Japanese about life and gospel! its great and i speak English top them to just laugh with them. And with the kids i play rock paper scissors! thats really popular here! The WORK is so awesome!
> Well i gotta go to the temple now! Im so excited, im going to the Tokyo temple fopr the first time. I am learning so much and thank you all for you letters: Grandma, Greandpa, Mom, Austin, Elder Brunson, Ryan, Sister Dean, Bishop Oliver, Elder Moore. Sorry if io forgot anyone right now i really appreciated them and i got alot this week. It was great! well Ill try to write back soon!
> Love You All!
> -Elder Brunson
> P.S.- Eldaer Randy Brunson : Ya i will ask my mish prez too (tomorrow actually) but thanks for the support and your letter i will write back ASAP. Sorry to hear about your comp. but contiunue to be a great missionary and show him love. Your so awesome, dont be afraid to be bold. This is the gospel theres no "beeatin around the bush". Im sure you wont I love you! ill write soon. And stop kissin boys! haha

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mina San Konnichiwa!

a.k.a. = hello everyone Im doing great out here i love it i went on splits (well yesterday from 2 p.m. till today at 2 p.m.) It was great. It was with my zone leader whos way cool. And i got to go to Chiba ( which is a pretty big city).My area (Kisarazu) is very "inaka" (country) rice feilds everywhere takes 30 min. to bike from town to town. And i thought i would like that. And to an extent i do i like seeing all the rice feilds and crazy trees and hills. Seriously certain areas remind me of the Jurrassic Park Movie, but its hard to find people! And thats what all this work is about is People! You cant baptize trees or monkeys! haha (they have caution signs in a part of my area for monkeys!, like dear crossing signs but its got a picture of a monkey! its awesome) Its beautiful and all but its really hard to find people at home and on the street and when you do its hard to see them walk away from you digusted after saying they name "Jesus Christ" Japan is a tough land with the Gospel but it will change so much! The mission language is still hard. The language barrier kinda prevents me from wanting to talk to ppl cuz i cant really but i do. My zone leader helped alot cuz my trainer would make it seem like i have to do it all correct and even if i mess up he would correct me then, so i wouldnt wanna try cuz i wouldnt want to mess up. But my ZL was relaxed and just had fun! The language is hard but everyone says that i was either better or WAY better at japanese than they were when they got to the feild. So im not worried too much. But it would be nice to be fluent! Well thanks all for you letters and your support. I Love you all! Randy: Thats so awesome with the baptisms! That is our porpuse as missionaries keep up the hard work and continue the 100 % Obedience! For that is the only way we will be able to recieve all of Fathers blessings. I'll be lookin for that letter! I love you. James: You too keep up the hard work and obedience. I know its hard to wake up early im not perfect but as long as we give the Lord our Best! Right?! Man youve been out for a while now thats so awesome! Only keep progressing! Love you cuz. Again thanks all Japan is great HOT and HUMID but great! It should cool down in September i hear (Tyhphoon season) I cant wait that will be so exciting! Stay safe and remember to always pray, we need the Lords help at all times. - Elder Brunson