Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello Everyone (December 10, 2008)

Well i dont have time so im just gonna write a few things... First off I GOT TO FREELINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was at a really famous park called Yoyogi and i heard the sound of dropping freelines and i got sooo excited i didnt have much time to try them out cuz i only had 10 minutes. But it has been almost 8 months!!! i was sooo bad! i could ride well (sort of) but i couldnt do anymore tricks just the normal flip, but it was soooo goood to ride again...ahhhhh i missed frellining so much but it was fun and a good oppurtunity to talk to the kid who had them, he wasnt good he had just bought them on the internet, but ya that was almost a week ago but it was nice to ride again i was so excited and i had poeple watchin me again, it was fun. But ya its definately not as fun as seeing miracles as a missionary. With all honesty when you are a misionary and you see a miracle through your hard work but also the help of the Lord, its is the best feeling in the World!!! the spririt is so strong during those times. But ya i dont have much to say other than its Christmas time and all of the Americans are feesing us like crazy here! its soo nice but im gonna get sooo fat! hahaWell i love you all and i hope your Christmas time is MERRY! Love Elder Brunson Elder Randy Brunson - Im jealous i want to talk in Japanese in my dreams but i havent yet. Do you SYL alot? but ya my langauge is doin alright, Japanese is still tough but for where im at in the mission supossably its good, some misionaries go 2 yrs in Japn and dont come out fluent but their usually pretty bad, haha, well i hope you like the story above sorry to rub it in!! haha but ill send you pics. keep workin hard. ya tracting is my least favorite Elder Hofstrand - I sent pics in that letter you should get it soon, keep workin hard to and see some miracles they are out there!

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