Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hello Everyone (January 8, 2009)

Sorry its been a while, since its been the Holiday seasons i 1 havent had time to email and 2 email places were closed so we instead went to different things on P-Day, especially on New Years we went to a Shrine (all Japanese people do t on New Years Day) and we went to probably if not the most but one of the most famous shrines in Japan! it was a fun experience there were soooo many people there. I love my area right now its so much fun and not only is it fun in that sense but we have been seeing MIRACLES!
> I was riding the train and i talked to a man and he was Chinese and we got off at the same stop, and i invited him to do a tour of our church, and he wanted to do it the next day! So we did it with him and we talked about God as we showed him the Primary room and we asked him if he believed in God and he said no i have never had an experience with God before and so i testified of my experience and he asked after how do i get an experience to know if God is truly living, so we answered him and finished off the tour. Then we met to teach him more about the Book of Mormon (this is after he came to church this week) but we talked to him aboutprophets and he asked, Well how do i know if these prophets teachings are true? and of course we taught about prayer, He is coming to church again this sunday and we will see him again but this all happened 7 days ago, and it all started by asking him how many minutes to the next stop on the train!!! This is miracle, he is truly pepared and seeking the Lord! And i am so blessed to have been guided to find this man. This is my favorite part about missionary work!!! It just gets me pumped up to see more miracles, i dont care on the amount of them that get baptized it would be nice if they all did but because they have their agency sometimes they choose not to, but just being able to see the hand of the Lord in this Work and also to be an intrument in his hands is truly my Joy! Its more fun that Halo 1, Rockets, Capture the Flag, on Hangem` High! haha thats use to be sooo fun but missionary work is truly better, cuz its not just a game, its REAL!
> So yes the Holidays were fun! and thanks to all those i got to either talk to on the phone, or that sent me a card, i appreciatted it! My Holiday was a blast as well, not many times in your life you get to spend Christmas in the Heart of Tokyo! I hope everyone had 1/2 as fun as i did, i dont want my mission to END. NOOOO!!!! i know i still have lss than 1 yr and 1/2 but still it goes by sooo quick! Almost 1 yr ago now (on Jan. 21 or so 27th?) i dunno but i got my Call in the mail around then. Oh man it flies by! But its all good im makin the best i can out of it!
> Elder Randy Brunson - HOW are you man??? i havent heard from you lately, are you still alive? And are you sick of Christmas yet? haha Hey i got an English nametag made so now we have the Same Name tag! haha cool huh, well actually its just a little different but thats okay. Well let me know whats up!
> Elder Hofstrand - Dude i know you are NOT alive! ha i bet you got Frostbite already, haha that would suck! I havent heard from you either, i hope youre doin good, let me know whats been happenin, like miracles and stuff!
> Okay everyone the Holidays are over so Get Back to Work!
> Love Ya,
> Elder Brunson

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