Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hey People-

Sorry havent emailed in a while, we have to bike 1hr30min to get to our email place and then we have to go back. so last week we took a break. Well heres a miracle:We were workin one day and it was time to go home for dinner, we had 9 conversations and 1 contact. (The goal is to get 10 conversations and 2 Contacts each day) A converstaion is like a good missionary talk with a commitment out on the street or anywhere, a contact is a return appointment. Well it was time to go back home but i really wanted to finish the day off with Atleast 10 conversations so we set out to do it! We ended up biking 15 minutes away from our apartment and we stopped about 6 ppl who all ignored us or said now Christ is unrelated to them. So we kept trying. We stopped a man who listened ut didnt have interest so we got our 10 but not the 2. So we were dilligent to that point and i really was praying for a miracle that whole itme. Well as we were riding back after skipping dinner, there was a College Student walking so i decided what the heck why not just be one person more dilligent, and at first he was gonna walk away but then he looks at me better and was like "HEY ive met YOU!" and i had talked to him before ut it was really short so we didnt get to talk, so we all ended up talkin to him for 2o min or so gave him a B.O.M. and set up a time for a tour(we got our 2 contacts) but that wasnt the best part, just yesterday we did the tour and showed Finding Hapiness video and he wants to hear the lessons and now he is a new investigator! It was a miracle that 1) i had met him b4 cuz i f i hadnt he probably would have walked off 2) we decided to stop him 3) hes way cool and 19 too and it was just a crazy thing that happened and its great to see the Lord Place prepared people in our path! But we have to be diligent!! So ya im doin great i gotta go though i hope everyone is well and has a great Halloween!Love you all! And Elder Brunson (Randy) thanks for the emails...they crack me up i wish i could email u directly but obedience is the first law in Heaven! SORRYY, but ya...nevermind ill jsut write you a letter when i get one from you. Love Ya Bro. I love you too Elder Hofstrand! - Elder Brunson

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