Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Spirit Guides

Ya those pics are for you but if you could keep them able to see when i get back that would be cool, im sure you will unless logans gets at them haha. Im glad everyone liked their gifts i thought they were pretty good and i got them all for GOOD price! haha ya well this sunday we should have atleast 4 investigators if not 5 at church on SUNDAY!!! im excited weve really been workin hard and finally it seems that we are seeing the fruits of our labors! NExt will be baptisms and then real converts. YA we just finished a lesson with an investigator and he seems he is on the way towards baptism pretty quickly so we are excited and the best part is we still are going to be meeting 2 or 3 other people this week who i believe may start investigating the church! i really dont want to transfer from this area! Ohhhh man today!! i almost killed a lady not really but i was riding my bike and and i was carrying a pump in hand and so i could brake my front brakes but im comin down a small hill and this lady pops out of the corner with her kid in the back and i T-Bone her and she fell over, its funny now cuz no one got hurt but i tried slamming my brakes but i could only use 1 brake so i couldnt stop fast enough. Ya so that was intense her and her kid went toppling over they didnt fall hard but slowly fell over cuz they lost balance. Haha. but i made the lil kid cry, i felt like such a jerk! haha but ya today was P-Day but im really tired i worked on Bikes for 2 hours and then had a lesson and finally now i can email. Ya im still fixin bikes and i didnt even get time to fix my own there are 2 sisters in our area and their bikes havent been tuned their whole mission yet so at first they asked if i could fix thier brakes but then i figured i would just do it all today for them, they needed it badly. But thats what i get for learnin how to fix bikes, i actaully remmeber alot still so its a miracle! So now im actually really tired now and sorry but i wanna go back to the apartment and rest a little but i dont think well have time we still have to go shopping. But i want you all to know that i love you! Oh i have a quick spiritual moment! I was doing a church tour and introduced the Book of Mormon and the man asked me from this book if i had to explain to someone what a Christian is where is there a part where i could do that? I was like ahhh crap im the worst at memorizing parts from the scriptures but my companion was busy making a reading list and so i was on the spot and intantly the spirit taught me what to say. It was not my thought and i knew it but the Sacrament Prayer intsantly came to my thoughts and i opened up to Moroni and shared the sacrament prayer and explained to him the promis and covenant we make and i told him these 3 things 1.) Take his name 2.) Always remember him 3) and follow his commandments and i said that is what defines a christian and he was impressed and so was i i had never thaught about that in my LIFE! but i learned as he learned and it was all through The Spirit!!! I know this Gospel is true and i know i am working side by side with the Lord and he will tell me what to say in the exact time i need it by the Holy Ghost! I love you all and i know God loves you all to, i love teaching about our Heavenly Father thats my favorite thing to teach, i always emphasize on how much he loves us! I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Keep up the Great Work!