Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mina San Konnichiwa!

a.k.a. = hello everyone Im doing great out here i love it i went on splits (well yesterday from 2 p.m. till today at 2 p.m.) It was great. It was with my zone leader whos way cool. And i got to go to Chiba ( which is a pretty big city).My area (Kisarazu) is very "inaka" (country) rice feilds everywhere takes 30 min. to bike from town to town. And i thought i would like that. And to an extent i do i like seeing all the rice feilds and crazy trees and hills. Seriously certain areas remind me of the Jurrassic Park Movie, but its hard to find people! And thats what all this work is about is People! You cant baptize trees or monkeys! haha (they have caution signs in a part of my area for monkeys!, like dear crossing signs but its got a picture of a monkey! its awesome) Its beautiful and all but its really hard to find people at home and on the street and when you do its hard to see them walk away from you digusted after saying they name "Jesus Christ" Japan is a tough land with the Gospel but it will change so much! The mission language is still hard. The language barrier kinda prevents me from wanting to talk to ppl cuz i cant really but i do. My zone leader helped alot cuz my trainer would make it seem like i have to do it all correct and even if i mess up he would correct me then, so i wouldnt wanna try cuz i wouldnt want to mess up. But my ZL was relaxed and just had fun! The language is hard but everyone says that i was either better or WAY better at japanese than they were when they got to the feild. So im not worried too much. But it would be nice to be fluent! Well thanks all for you letters and your support. I Love you all! Randy: Thats so awesome with the baptisms! That is our porpuse as missionaries keep up the hard work and continue the 100 % Obedience! For that is the only way we will be able to recieve all of Fathers blessings. I'll be lookin for that letter! I love you. James: You too keep up the hard work and obedience. I know its hard to wake up early im not perfect but as long as we give the Lord our Best! Right?! Man youve been out for a while now thats so awesome! Only keep progressing! Love you cuz. Again thanks all Japan is great HOT and HUMID but great! It should cool down in September i hear (Tyhphoon season) I cant wait that will be so exciting! Stay safe and remember to always pray, we need the Lords help at all times. - Elder Brunson

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