Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A New Area

Well to be honest im running out of time AGAIN! But lets go with important things first
> 1.) Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!! (your not getting younger) just thought i would kindly remind you! ha
> 2.) I transfered to ADACHI still in Tokyo but not as city like as my last area but it is still good, im soooo excited! I also got a new Companion Elder Cheff from Mesa Arizona. hes pretty cool. Im goin Senior for my first time, kind of nervous but i was co-senior last transfer so it shouldnt be too different. But well for sure see miracles and Baptisms. We got the faith!
> 3.) Big shout out to Aunt Ang! im soo sorry i havent written you and i would like to email you but only immediate family (mission president said) so im soooo sorry but i apprecieted that email, sounds like the whole family is still doin great. Congrats to RYAN on BYU im sooo jealous. Hell love it there! Im thinkin about goin to BYU Hawaii, but more on that later! haha
> 4.) Elder Hofstrand and Brunson, keep workin it out there man, im proud of you guys and i have somthing i want to share it has just been my thoughts lately....
> Lately ive been thinking about the missionary ive always pictured me being before my mission. I want you to think about that really seriously about who you are now, and if you have become what you wanted to be. If you havent figure out why you havent yet, think about it, pray about it....AND FIX IT! thats what i gotta do ill write more on it later but i gotta go now so I love you and seriously think about this!
> Love,
> Elder Brunson


thanks so much for the email. Ya thats funny you wrote about St. Patricks Day, cuz to be honest i wrote Grandpa's Birthday in my daily planner, but i Totally forgot about St. Patricks Day! haha Oh well. Yesterday we had dinner at the Bishops House in the English Ward. We also had an investigator come with us. The investigators name is Kei (pronounced Kay) he is 20 yrs old and he is the one moving to Davis on the 23rd! So i told him You (sorry) would have him over for dinner. So maybe if you can some time toward the end of March set a sure time to have him, Austin and maybe the Davis Missionaries over all for a dinner at the house in Winters i think it would be really good. I told him he would eat with my family and that i would email you about it, he said it sounds fun and i also told him Austin would take him to Church. He said he wants to go but hes not sure if his HOUSE FAMILY will be cool with it yet so he said he cant FOR SURE. but it should be really good i gave him Austins information, and i got his new adress and phone number (home phone) in Davis. BUT i forgot to bring it with me to Email (whoops) so il have to email it to u next week, so im not sure when is good for him but just have it in the Back of you mind and i will give you the info and Austin can call him. He will be waiting for a phone call. And also it might be good if Austin got to know him a lil before that dinner, and so one really good thing is maybe Austin can take him to eat at In-n-Out. Kei wont have any friends when he first gets there so Austin would help soo much, hes taking his Japanese Book of Mormon. But ya more on that later when i give you the info, sorry. Ya but that would be wayyy cool huh!
Soooo about Transfers....
Yepp i did transfer. I was really sad to leave Shibuya, it was sucha fun place to work, the heart of kind of sad. BUT when i just got to my new area i felt the spirit sooo strong as i rode down the street! This is my new HOME! I feel really strong that we will see many miracles here. I have been praying for it for 4 days since i got phone calls, and as soon as i got here i really feel like I am suppose to be here for a darn good reason. I have been praying and thinking alot and i feel pretty strongly that i am suppose to find a specific family and bring them unto the gospel of Jesus Christ. I dont know who they or where they live but i feel it! I am SOOOOOO excited for this new transfer to be honest i was soo sad to go, but the spirit is strong here, the investigators are low and i know the Lord needs my help here. So my new Area is called "Adachi". i hear thw ward is WAY good, so thats always good news. Its location is still in Tokyo. I didnt move too far. My last area was next door on the left to the Mission Homes area. My new area is next door on the right of the Mission Home. So its only 2 areas over from my old. But it is not as city as my last area. My new area has alot of freeways haha. And i did get a new companion too. His name is Elder Cheff. He seems like a good missionary, his trainer wasnt a good example so he has a few places to improve on (small movie posters) (btw is there a new tranformers coming out?) haha but he really likes movies. But its a two man apartment so that will help us focus better and ill make sure he gets rid of ALL distractions. He came to Japan 3 months ago, so yepp President Hill saw it fit to call me as a Senior
Companion. Im kind of nervous cuz that means its me to rely on not just japanese but what to do in all situations. But i want to make sure we are working real hard and being obedient, but also having fun. So yep those are the Transfers im still in the same Zone, in a different District, with a way good District Leader and his new companion is one of the guys in my room in the MTC! Elder Dukes! im sooo excited. So this tranfer really seems like its only gonna keep getting better, as far as miracles!

Sorry this is really long. Thats about all the news i have from me and Mom i just wanted to say to you, how proud and excited i am for you wih your new callin. I was hoping you were called as ward missionaries haha but the temple has really become something close to you and i am very happy for you. Going to the temple not only strengthens you, but it also strengthens our families, the church, and relationships! what a blessing! And now to have a calling such as that i cant imagine the blessings you and our family wil recieve because of your service. I guess when i come home i can be the Ward Missionary! im sooo excited for that, but i dont want to talk about coming home. Cuz if it were my choice i wouldnt come home! haha but i want you to know that i not only support you 100%!!! but i am sooooo grateful to have a mother with such a rock solid testimony. You will continue to bless our family with your testimony and you will bless my brothers as you have allowed me to gain a testimony through yours. Thank you i realy am Eternally Grateful for that! And now being set apart and called by the Temple Presidency...WOW! haha that is sooooo cool! Im sad i cant be there that nust be an intense setting apart! ha Your soo lucky, no, your not. You are blessed becasue you followed the Spririt and its promptings. Thank you for your faith in acting.
Paul also thank you for the email and also about this calling, ya maybe we dont know eachother that well but because of your "good fruits" i know that planted within you deeply rooted is a "good seed" (Alma 32). Ive told you too many times how thankful i am for what you do not just for my family (brothers) but how you have helped my mom. You have supported her allowing her to be able to accomplish the righteous goals and hopes she has and that makes her happy therefore she doenst get mad at me anymore and therefore making me happy! haha but seriously thanks!
Well i would love to play Guestures again with everyone but as you know im busy, and this has been the biggest blessing in my life so far...well maybe after Mom. seriously. but i love this work and i still have time to do alot but it goes by SOOOOOOOOO FASSSSSTTTT!!!! so as Elder Randy Brunson once told me
"Dont Count the Time, Make the Time Count"

Elder Brunson

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